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We do not have to sacrifice our well-being
because we are so busy.

Whether you are very new to using meditation as part of your daily routine or as experienced as a guru, This program was put together to give folks an opportunity to get stronger through a variety of meditational styles.

Grounding and Centering

Self Awareness in Thought

Personal Development

Story Telling

John Alles Kungfu Meditation Testimony

It isn’t easy to change directions in our life. Even when we know it is directional change that must happen.

Balancing our career, family, and health.

Maintaining a sense of desire to achieve without becoming obsessed.

Prioritizing ourselves more toward the top of the list, than the bottom.

Overcoming life challenges in all their shapes and sizes.


Join Get Stronger 14

The 14 Day Get Stronger Audio Guide

You will get a progressive meditation program that is designed to keep you engaged through awareness, focus and story-telling. There will also be additional audio tracks like :

  • 14 Meditation sessions that last from 10-15 minutes.
  • Specific Instructions for an upcoming meditation, so you can learn it once, then practice it.
  • Tips on how to make a meditation routine more effective and simplier.

You will also receive:

  • Free Updates for Life, if an audio is updated or changed, you will get the new one too.
  • Access to a Prioritized Email Address so your questions are answered quickly.
  • Early access to an app to get more free stuff.
  • High Quality Audio bundled in album format, for easy usage.

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Return Policy: The White Bamboo Store handles all transactions through a secured gateway. If you try Get Stronger 14 and decide it’s not right for you, we’ll give you a full refund up to 5 days after your original purchase date. It's our inner strength guarantee. We want you to BENEFIT from it, just like we do. After those 5 days, our refund period will be closed.

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